How To Do a Super Easy Bridesmaid Plaited Lock

June 18, 2015 • BeautyHair

Bridesmaid plaited lock always gives an elegant look

Summer is here, packed with weddings and open-aired cocktail parties.
This hairdo that is known as “Bridesmaid plaited lock” fits any elegant occasion, not just weddings.
It gives a feminine and gentle look, comfortable, especially when it is warm and shows your face.

Hair stylist, Ollie Kiernan, shows in this video how you can DIY a Bridesmaid Plaited Lock hairdo:

You basically have to start by separating your hair to two uneven parts, where the larger portion goes on the side and the smaller portion, behind the ear.

Start is with the smaller portion and start in the top front:

Split hair to 3 and start plaiting. Take hair a bit of the front and a bit of the back till you plait that whole portion of the hair.

As for the remaining portion of the hair, you can pop some curls in and better to use hair mousse, so curls will stay all day.
You can use a curl iron and create a mixture of curls by ironing in different directions.
Break the curls and put hair spray to keep hairdo in place.

It is also advised to give a back lift.

On the same side of the plat, tighten down hair by putting pins, to anchor it.

So there you have it!
An easy Bridesmaid Plaited Lock for your upcoming special event.
This super simple updo is elegant and stylish and can be worn with just about any outfit.

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