Effortless Pool Hairstyle

November 13, 2014 • BeautyHair

A chic Pool Look ? Try this easy pool hairstyle!

Summer is hear and we just want to spend it by the pool or on the beach.
My hair always look sloppy and dry in a hot weather and after getting out of the water- it looks like I have been electrified.

Ideally, to places like beach or pool, it is better to have a simple hairdo, with a minimal effort. After all, you might want to take a dip!
I always do!

So if you are looking for a low maintenance hairstyle to rock at the beach pool, watch this!
Beauty expert, Hollie Kiernan, shows us how to achieve an easy look that will keep you looking good while you soak up the sun!

We often see paparazzi of celebrities, looking great in the beach or pool. They hair looks effortlessly beautiful, so what is their secret?

If you want to have a chic look, watch this video. It has been widely adopted by many, and can be often seen on celebrities.

Generally, sun, sea and chlorine can damage the hair so better keep the hair as less exposed as possible, better with a braid or braids.
It keeps your hair tidy and after returning home, your hair will have less ties.

This summer hairstyle is pretty simple, and will leave you looking chic and fresh all day long.
No matter what style you choose, don’t forget to protect your skin from the sun and put on a sunscreen!

Get a cool and fabulous beach look with this simple plaited pool hairstyle and don’t forget to add a colorful hairband– for a fresh finish!

Share with us your results!

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