Anusara Yoga : Flowing with grace

August 18, 2015 • FitnessYoga

What is Anusara Yoga?

Anusara Yoga, also known as “School of Hatha Yoga” is a relatively new practice of Yoga.

Founded in 1997 by by American Yogi, John Friend, Anusara yoga is a modern form of hatha yoga that strongly emphasizes the religious aspects of the Hindu faith along with the yoga’s health benefits.

Friend has an interesting story himself, as before becoming a yoga teacher, he was a financial analyst!
He quit his job in age of 27, became an Iyengar Yoga teacher and based on Iyengar, has developed Anusara. ‘Anusara’ means “flowing with grace”.

The practice is derived from Iyengar Yoga, combining elements of Hindu spirituality and health-oriented Western approach to Yoga.

It is known for its heart-opening postures that help to align the body and keep us happier and healthier.

Anusara Yoga has become popular in the United States, birth place of Friend. It then became practiced in Europe and Asia as well.

Anusara Yoga has Three A’s:

According to John Friend, the practice of Anusara is categorized into three parts:

Attitude: The “power of the heart as the force behind every action or expression in an asana. It is the aspiration to reawaken to our divine nature, and the celebration of life.

Alignment: The mindful awareness of how various parts of ourselves are integrated and interconnected. Anusara’s Universal Principles of Alignment are refinements of this principle.

Action: The natural flow of energy in the body, which provides both stability and joyful freedom.

Watch expert instructor, Gen Larocque, explains the basics of this school of yoga.
You can find some exercises online and see whether it fits you.
Good luck!

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