Yoga- A Beginner’s Guide

July 2, 2015 • FitnessYoga

Looking to improve your physical, spiritual and mental well being? Try Yoga!

What is Yoga?
Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice, which originated in India.
There is a broad variety of schools, practices and goals but first and foremost, Yoga targets your physical, spiritual and mental well-being.

This video explains and shows the very basic Yoga moves, that will work on your muscles and flexibility.

How to start practicing?
To start, you don’t even need a Yoga Mat, but it can come in handy.
You also don’t need any special sportswear. Just put on something comfortable!

The most basic move in Yoga is the “Mountain Pose”, continuing from it to the “Tree Pose”.
Other positions are the “Eagle position” and Standing camel pose.
Ground basic position is the “Cat position” and from it- to change to a “Child’s pose”.

Learn how to perform these basic beginner poses that will strengthen your core muscle groups and allow you to move on to more intermediate moves.

Remember: when practicing Yoga, proper breathing is essential so breath deeply and enjoy!

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