Learn How to Perform the Crow Pose Easily

April 18, 2015 • FitnessYoga

Why is crow pose so important ?

The crow pose is an important basic Yoga posture:

From crow pose you can do a lot of other inversions.
It also strengthen your balance and loose your fear going upside down.
Crow pose uses of your Shoulder Girdle (Pectoral Girdle) & your belly to have stack properly.

The technique is to get into a crow pose from frog position.

Note that frog is actually a crow- but standing up !

For beginners, you can put your head on a block, hands on the ground and balance in a crow.

Master finding your center in the middle!

What are the benefits for learning to do crow ?

First, it allows you to get to a hip opener: Most north american have extremely tight hips and if you are a runner or workout in the gym you need to do frog every day!
Second, if is a good posture for moving from one posture to another.
and third, you learn to cope with your fear of falling. Trust yourself- bring u to live well-connected to yourself.

Discover how to go from Frog Pose to Crow with instructions from fitness expert Annick Robinson.
Strengthen your body and improve your emotional well being by teaching you to find your center and face your fears.

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