It’s Not Just For Strippers: Pole Dance Workout

June 20, 2015 • FitnessWorkouts

Besides impressing the men, pole dance workout is guaranteed to yield results

Pole Dancing is an ultra feminine workout, where you dance with a pole.
We all know the erotic dancing but in Pole dance workout, you get the fitness aspect to it along with the dance feel to it.

Basically, anyone can do it, as it is a technique.
You need some patience but anybody can try it.

Pole dancing coach, Suyin Monette, says that 90% of the women who try it out, fall in love with it.

It involves rhythm, because you are always “on the music”, along with stretch and flexibility.
The fitness aspect to it is that it strengthen your whole body: abs,legs, Biceps and basically any body part is in action.

On the first classes, you start with initial spins that need to be done.
During these spins, you learn how to use your momentum and control your balance.
With time, you let go and get loose on the pole.

You will start feeling how your body changes and get more toned.
You immediately notice how strong your Biceps and abs have become.

Working your counterbalance, you will realize that Pole Dancing it is not about the eroticism!

Once you do one spin, you want to do more and more. It is addictive !

Indeed, this sexy exercise isn’t just for strippers! Pole dancing has quickly become a popular way to get in shape.Many women find that it helps them connect with their sensual side, allowing their confidence to soar!
On a personal note: I have always felt quite clumsy in dancing, with dancing skills of Elaine Benes from Seinfeld.
After my first Pole dancing class, I felt like I can actually “move” and my dancing skills has improved tremendously.
So I totally recommend this.

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