Testosterone Blitz workout! Do You Have What it Takes?

March 22, 2017 • FitnessWorkouts

Get in shape and let off some steam with this super charged Testosterone Blitz workout!

Do you like to throw, smash, push and pull stuff?
Doing all those things with a partner and getting a kick ass workout all at the same time would be even better though!

And you can do just that with the Testosterone Blitz workout!

First workout is throwing a ball on wall. It is a momentum based exercise.
You can add rotation to it, which is a good exercise for baseball & golf.

Second workout is pulling a rope with resistance and pushing forward a heavy article.

This strengthen both your upper part: arms and shoulders nut also the abdominal muscles and legs.

The third exercise is something everyone wants to do: The sledgehammer!
This is a full body exercise for both the upper and lower body.

The fourth exercise is the heavy Tyre flip.
Well… haven’t you had the thought, at least once in your life, to walk into the office and flip your desk?

This is the ultimate guys workout full body exercise, with emphasis on power.

Guys, get off the couch put the remote down !

Not only is this exercise is a great way to get in shape, build muscle and let off some steam, but it’s something you can do with a friend, loved one and even your dad!
Why not try it this year for Father’s Day?

In this video, Certified Personal Trainers Mike Pellegrini and Nick Trainor demonstrate us several exercises fathers and sons (or any pair of workout partners) can do to get fit.

Get in shape and let off some steam with this super charged Testosterone Blitz workout!
Throw, smash, push and pull in order to improve your endurance, strength and athletic performance!

And don’t worry ladies, join them and show them what you’ve got!

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