The Evolution of The Olympic Games

July 2, 2015 • FitnessInspiration

The Evolution of The Olympic Games has started dating back in Ancient Greece!

What has happened ever since?

Many of us are waiting anxiously, every 4 years, to watch the Olympic games. This amazing sporting event brings the world together!

Have you ever thought of the history of that game?
The evolution of The Olympic Games is dating back to the 8th century BC:
Competitors from cites in Greece has competed in sports and sacrificial rituals.
During the Roman Empire, the Games fell out of favor and didn’t see a comeback until the late 19th Century.

In the late 19 century, historian Pierre de Coubertin had the idea to re-stage a global sporting event and in 1894, the International Olympic Comity (IOC) was born.

In that stage, it was decided that the games will rotate from country to country thus engaging the whole world.

An important stipulation at that time was that all participants must be amateurs and not professional, a rule that since then has been changed.

Athens, Greece, was chosen as the first host city of the modern Olympic games for the summer of 1896.
Only 14 countries has participated and competitions were for male athletes only.

The games were a success and Paris, Frace, was chosen as the host city for 1900.

In 1924 , the 1st Winter Olympics was held in Chamonix, France .

Originally, the summer and winter Olympics were held at the same year, every 4 years.
This was changed as of 1994, where it was switched to alternating even number years and thus there is an Olympic competition every 2 years.

The 1916 summer games were cancelled because of the 1st World War.
During 1936 and 1948 neither the summer nor the winter games were held because of the 2nd World War.

The Olympic games has evolved significantly since the days of ancient Greece but even today, it is an exciting event for all to behold.
The Olympics remain a showcase for the most outstanding athletes on the planet and include hundreds of different sports and athletes from countries from all over the world!

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