Top 10 Tourists’ Most Dangerous Destinations

December 23, 2014 • LifestyleTravel

Do yourself a favor & avoid these dangerous destinations!

What is a better way to take a break from everyday’s life than travel abroad ?
You can play it safe by ordering a pack tour in a popular destination or you can choose a solid destination and plan the vacation yourself.

But if you feel like exploring an exotic location or have an adventurous vacation, better choose a safe place.
Unfortunately, there are few extremely dangerous destinations, that by no means are not recommended for tourists.

In this video, we present our selection for the world’s top 10 dangerous destinations for tourists due to their volatile and violent nature.

Although some countries mentioned have very popular tourist hot-spots, travelling outside these spots requires some extra caution and safety research.

What to avoid from when travelling to a romantic vacation in Ciudad Juárez & Acapulco?

What do you need to know before partying in Rio de Janeiro‘s legendary carnivals and festivals?

Watch and find out what destinations you need to take extra precautions and what destinations you should probably steer clear of !

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