How to Choose the Right Lingerie ?

July 30, 2015 • BeautyFashionLifestyleRomance and Dating

Choose your Lingerie according your body type!

Choosing the right style of bra and panties can make you feel like a million bucks.
However, lingerie that works for one woman, might not work for another. In this video, we’ll learn about the wide variety of styles and how to pick the right one for your body type.

How do we know that our bra is fitting?
The under-wire should not touch your breast but the skin besides your breast.
As for a push-up bra, it should push up but not creating the “3rd boob” effect

Bra should be parallel. If it is riding up on the back- it is too small!

You should be on the 1st hook and then give in a bit on the 2nd hook, but if you fit bra only on the last hook, you are on the wrong size!

There are different bras to different body types:

– “The Triangle Bra”, that has no under-wire: for a woman that is usually cup A or B, maximum a C. For larger sizes: cup C or cup D, you need an under-wire.

And what about underpants?
A favorite model is the G-String.
For women who are not comfortable with a G-string, get a bikini with a full back.
The “boxers” are known to be very comfortable. While some woman try to avoid it because it makes a panty-line, it has still became trendy because it is just comfortable!

As for lingerie prices:
Prices ranges from quite cheap to expensive but pricey underwear have usually a better quality and will probably last longer.

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