These Adorable DIY Heart Knee Tights Are Perfect For Fall

May 10, 2015 • DIYFashionLifestyle

Turn boring old tights to something pretty cool!

Give a standard black tights a funky look and DIY Heart knee tights !

Now that fall is approaching it is time to break your favorite tights again. What better way to welcome the new season than by reinventing a standard pair of tights in a unique and stylish way?

All you need are:
An iron
a piece of Red felt (or any other color you like!)
a pen
a Chalk
Double stick fusible rubbing

and of course, a pair of tights. Old or new, recommended black, but up to you.

If it is a new pair of tights, you can keep its’ carton box, for cutting a heart shape template out.

1. Put a plain tights on and mark a cross on each of your knees with a chalk. (Don’t worry, chalk comes off!). Take the tights off.
1. Fold a piece of carton into two, paint half a heart on it and cut it, in order to cut a perfect heart shape out.
2. With that heart shaped template we made, paint two hearts on our felt and cut these two hearts out.
3. In the same method, cut two hearts from the double stick fusible rubbing.
4. Stick the Double stick fusible rubbing heart on the felt heart, so rubbing will sit within the felt heart.
5. Iron gently so rubbing will stick to the felt
6. Peel the off the paper off the other side of the heart.
7. Stick felt hearts underneath the chalk crosses, where the knees are and iron- sticks it together.

And there you have it: a funky & cool DIY heart knee tights and with matching accessories- will definitely out-stand.

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