How to Create a Unique Mosaic Picture Frame

July 1, 2015 • DIYLifestyle

DIY: Mosaic Picture Frame from old CDs

Remember that several years ago, we used to use CDs in order to listen to music?
Sometimes, throwing it a way is a bit tricky, since these CDs have a certain sentimental value.
If you have decided to (eventually) throw some away, you can use it as a base material to a shiny Mosaic Picture Frame.

I saw it being sold in handcraft fairs, but it is a pretty easy task to do it yourself!

The materials needed are:
1. Dimensional paint (Fabric paint)
2. Glue
3. Wooden Frame
4. Broken CDs. Preferably with different colors !

Watch video for exact directions but you simply need to:
– Apply glue to CD pieces
– Stick broken CD pieces onto frame
– Apply paint in between cracks

And there you have it!
A stylish Mosaic Picture Frame, in almost no cost, that liven up your home.
Good for the environment and gives a shine your room.

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