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November 30, 2014 • LifestyleTravel

Ever read the bible? Travel to Israel. Where it all happened!

Israel is probably one of the most interesting countries in the world.
It is the country with the oldest written history: the holy bible!

The stories of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, as well as Jesus Christ, has all happened in the land of Israel.

In such a country, you experience a journey from old to new.
Deep historical sites Vs. vibrant beaches and clubs and high technology.

Located on the coast of the Mediterranean sea, is the world’s only primarily Jewish State, officially established at 1948.
Visitors who travel to Israel are drawn to the country’s vast array of religious and archaeological sites as well as the beautiful beaches that line the coast. Even though Israel is small, it is full of culture and history!

Since it is located exactly on the Syrian-African rift, its geology is diverse.
From a desert in the south, to green valleys and tall mountains.
It has 3 seas: Red Dead & Med and one famous lake:
The red sea– in its south, on the border with Egypt and Jordan, with desert on one side and the bluest sea on the other side, full with reefs and colorful fish. And excellent location for scuba diving and snorkeling.
The Dead sea– the lowest point on earth. It is too salty for any animal to live there and you can float there, while reading a book!
The med sea– is the Mediterranean. Most of the year, the water are warm and great to get in.
And the Sea of Galilee– A lake in the north of Israel, known as the place where Jesus walked on the water.

One of the most intriguing thing while you travel to Israel is the old Vs. new:
Israel is known for its history and heritage. From north to south, country is full of archaeological spots. From Acre to Caesarea; From Nazareth to Jerusalem. It all takes you to a journey back in time and is fascinating, even if you are not a big history lover.

On the other hand, in is an extremely technology advanced country and it boasts the highest number of scientists, technicians, and engineers per capita in the world.

In addition, its night life, especially in Tel-Aviv, is hype and vibrant, with excellent bars, clubs, cafes and restaurants.

As for Climate and Weather: Summers in Israel are long, dry and hot, while winters are rainy, cool and short. This Mediterranean climate is partly due to its location between the Sahara and Arabian deserts. The climate varies throughout the country, however, with the hilly regions featuring cooler and rainier weather.
Best seasons for travel to Israel are Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Israel may be relatively small, but it is a country filled with culture and history and you can see a lot in a relatively short time!

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