7 reasons to visit Hiroshima

Miyajima Tori

April 3, 2017 • recommendedTravel

Hiroshima is a central city in Japan, that became “famous” due to the Atomic bomb, “little boy”, drooped by the US forced during World War 2. August 6th 1945, to be exact.
Many travelers to Japan are hesitant to visit that city, because it is “scary” or “sad” or “dangerous due to Radiation” but that’s my response:

1. Hiroshima was rebuilt since the disaster and nowadays is a modern, beautiful and vibrant city.
The only shred of that infamous bomb is the “a- bomb-dome”- skeletal ruins of the former Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall and the peace park & memorial museum. You are not arriving into a disaster zone!
2. There is no radiation long ago! The bomb was over 70 years ago!
3. It is extremely important to witness in real life a disaster of another nation and to understand the magnitude and impact of nuclear weapon. History has its tendency to repeat itself although seems that most world’s citizens stay calm while dangerous countries keep developing such weapons.
4. The Japanese present mourning in a different way than in the western world. Very restraint. Interesting to see that.
5. Miyajima island is nearby. One of the most beautiful places in Japan.
6. Hiroshima has its famous dish- Okonomiyaki. You MUST try it. Amazing!



7. Mazda factory is also in Hiroshima and you can book a visit in the cars plant– for free.

So bottom line: While in Japan, do not miss a visit to Hiroshima.

If you wonder where to stay in Hiroshima: I recommend either in the city center, near the peace park or next to Hiroshima station, especially if you have arrived to the city late in the evening and booked a visit to Mazda cars plant in the morning. (the English tour starts at 10:00 AM).

Otanoshimi-ni !

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