Tired? Have Energy Booster Foods!

December 25, 2014 • NutritionNutrition Advice and Recipes

Coffee? Candy? Try these energy booster foods!

Feeling sluggish in the middle of the day and wish you had a Siesta?
Instead of reaching for that second or third cup of coffee, just add your daily diet some energy booster foods!

Most of us feel that drop in energy, usually around 3 PM.
Looking around in your office, you’ll probably see your colleagues yawning at about that time.

Spanish people are known for their “Siestas” but even in Spain, in today’s hectic lifestyle, Siestas became less common and the Spanish offices are not equipped with beds.

You can either stand in queue for the coffee machine or just be more efficient: Eat energy booster foods !

Nuts & Seeds:
A bit high in calories (So if you are on a diet, eat in moderation!), but nuts and seeds are high in fiber and protein.
They are packed full of nutrients, making them a health super food and hugely more nutritious than other popular snacks.

Dried Fruits:
Dried fruits are really convenient for when you’re at work or out and about. They’re also a great snack when you’re exercising. Carry a bag of mixed dried fruits in your pocket or bag so that you can dip into them whenever you feel a bit peckish.

Pineapple may not be suitable for diabetics because of its sugar content, but it’s a good fruit to add if you’re able.
It has plenty of Vitamin C so you’re getting antioxidants and its taste is refreshing.

Bananas have a respectable amounts of Vitamin B-6, potassium.
The greatest thing about bananas is how conveniently portable they are! Just peel one whenever you need a quick boost of energy!

Easy Energy Booster Morning Green Smoothie Recipe
– Apple
– Banana
– Lettuce
– Avocado
– Water
– Optional: Add seasonal fruits such as berries

Blend it all together in a blender.
Serving: After pouring to your glass, add some honey, a dash of coconut and few almonds

Watch Lola Berry explains about Energy Booster Foods.
By adding these essentials to your diet, you can fight fatigue and “recharge” yourself.

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