These 3 Smoothies Will Give You Glowing Skin

glowing skin smoothie

August 14, 2015 • Health & WellnessLifestyleNutritionNutrition Advice and RecipesSkin Care

Glowing skin by a magic a drink?

In this super hot summer, we need to drink a lot, in order not to get dehydrated.
Why not get an extra added value out of it?

These glowing skin smoothies are not only energy boosting, delicious and will satisfy your thirst, but also dramatically improves your skin tone.

Try whipping up one of these 3 delicious smoothies that will give you radiant skin from the inside out.

Needless to say, it is way better than any soft drink!

You can ask these smoothies in any smoothie stand but even better, you can easily make it at home.
All you need are just the appropriate ingredients and a blender.

Smoothies are healthy, easy to make and ideal energy booster for breakfast or for mid-day fatigue.
For glowing skin, try making one of our quick and healthy smoothie recipes:

Brighten skin smoothie: for glowing skin.
Ingredients:Cucumber, apple and pineapple.

Ginger Beet Smoothie: for smooth, acne- free skin.
Ingredients: Carrot, kale, ginger, orange and apple.

Sweet berry smoothie: for anti-ageing.
Ingredients:soy milk, berries and kale.

All ingredients are natural and healthy, that helps producing collagen and contains anti-oxidants.
Add these healthy smoothies to your daily routine and get a glowing skin, without a bronzer!

Do you have any juices and smoothies you want to share with us?

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