How to Prepare Gluten Free Chickpea Burgers

May 29, 2015 • Gluten FreeNutrition

Got a craving for a burger but having a gluten-free diet?

DIY tasty and juicy gluten free chickpea burgers so you could enjoy burgers- without any guilt!

It is easy and quick to prepare this healthy & gluten-free burger yourself.
All you need is few, simple, natural ingredients, that can be found in any supermarket or grocery store.

Within minutes, you can prepare at home tasty, filling and satisfying burgers, full of wonderful nutrients such as fiber and protein.

This tasty gluten free chickpea burgers contain only natural ingredients, such as carrots, onions, quinoa, chickpeas and exotic spices. This makes for the perfect healthy lunch or dinner!

Watch this video of Intolerance Gourmet’s writer and cook, Pippa Kendrick. Pippa presents her recipe and shows how to make spicy gluten free chickpea burgers.

Pippa wrote two books about healthy cooking and specializes in cooking delicious allergy-friendly food, free of wheat, dairy, soy, egg and yeast.

As for food serving suggestions: While burgers are frying, you can use your time to prepare your favorite side dish: You can serve the burgers with a little pile of tomato salad on top and whatever accompaniments you like – roasted sweet potato wedges and a big green salad go very well.

Try it!

Burgers can be healthy, dairy free vegan and gluten free.

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