How to Prepare Mexican Vegetarian Tacos

July 7, 2015 • NutritionVegetarian

Easily make delicious Vegetarian Tacos for Less than $10 !

Feeling spicy? These delicious vegetarian tacos are perfect for parties and can be prepared in a few easy steps!
Preparing this Mexican beans meal costs under $10. Juts follow these simple steps:

– Preheat the oven to 160 degrees.
– Peel a couple of garlic cloves and chop
– Preheat a pan
– Add a tablespoon of oil to the pan and throw the garlic on the heated pan.
– Add a couple of teaspoons of paprika, ground cumin, mix it on the pan and you can already smell all the spices toasting.
– Add a mixture of red kidney beans and black eyed beans.
Add straight to the pan and add it a dash of water .
Try not to get the beans fried but just heat, till it breaks up a bit.
– Mash the beans a little bit with a fork.

As for the fresh touch of this meal, we shall add a nice coleslaw salad to get with the tacos.
For the coleslaw we will need:
– a quarter of a red cabbage
– a large carrot
– Dressing: with juice of 1 lime and a few ts of olive oil
– add some spring onion
– add a hand full of coriander.

Mix it up with pepper & sea salt.

As for the Corn tortillas: Better to preheat it a bit in the oven.

Arranging the tacos:
Add some bean mixture and fresh coleslaw on top.
Top it with a bit of feta cheese
100 gr. of feta are enough to divide between 4 portions.
If you are vegan, you can do without the feta cheese as well.

Serve your vegetarian tacos with some fresh sower cream or hot paste. Like in Mexico!
Bon apetite!

Feeling spicy? Why not try whipping up these delicious vegetarian tacos! They are perfect for parties and can be prepared in a few easy steps! Best of all, this Mexican meal will satisfy your taste buds without emptying your wallet!

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