Top 10 Most Memorable Fictional Restaurants & Cafes

July 22, 2015 • Food & CultureNutrition

Any fictional restaurants & bars you wish were real ?

These fictional restaurants are where iconic characters played out some unforgettable scenes from our favorite movies and television shows! Join us as we countdown these legendary establishments to see if your favorites made the list!

Here are some clues, regarding few iconic places that made it into the list:

#7- Was located in a very famous Zip code.

#6 – Was the place where you could get a bucketful of crunchy fried chicken along with premium doses of crystal meth.

#3 -Is deep in the water. You’ll need a Mask & a Snorkel to get in!

#2 – Had a very comfy couch right in the middle, which from some reason, was never taken, even though the shop was always full.

and how ranked the favorite place of these New-York fellas, where they had lots of conversations about “nothing” ?

Think you know the answers?
Have your favorite fictional restaurants and bars made it into the list?

Watch the video and find out!

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