Planning to Get Pregnant? Follow These Tips !

May 13, 2015 • Health & WellnessLifestyle

Follow these tips to increase your odds to get pregnant

Now that you and your partner have decided to get pregnant and add a new bundle of joy to your family, it is as important as ever to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet will increase your odds of conceiving and having an overall healthy pregnancy.

Prepare yourself for getting pregnant, at least 3 months before by starting to live a healthy lifestyle.
This doesn’t apply just to women but to men as well.

What to eat? What to avoid?
Learn important nutrition and lifestyle tips that couples should take into account, in order to prepare for a pregnancy.

Fitness & wellness expert, Annick Robinson, speaks about how men and women can detoxify their homes and bodies to prepare themselves for a healthy pregnancy.

Good luck!

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