How to Maintain Strong, Healthy Bones to avoid Osteoporosis

February 5, 2015 • Health & WellnessLifestyle

Avoid Osteoporosis and bones fracture by maintaining Strong, healthy bones

A strong skeleton is a key component in overall health.
Therefore, it is extremely important to maintain strong, healthy bones.
The problem appears, mainly, in older ages.
You probably know an old family relative or a neighbor that broke a hip or a wrist during a regular daily routine.
The reason for this is that as we get older, our bone strength is decreased, which increases our risk of a broken bone.
This is the most common reason for broken bones among old people.
Why are women more vulnerable than men? And what are the ways to prevents this?
In the above video, Dr. Jacques P. Brown, chairman of the Osteoporosis society, explains about Osteoporosis and the ways to keep our bones healthy.
Learn how to strengthen your bones and prevent Osteoporosis by Keeping a healthy diet and lifestyle.

That includes consuming foods that contain Calcium and Vitamin D or take supplements.
In addition, add a proper exercise routine to your daily life so you can have strong muscles for good balance.

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