You Must Visit These 10 Destinations Before They Disappear!

June 15, 2015 • LifestyleTravel

These stunning natural 10 destinations will not be around forever!

Factors such as climate change, deforestation and poaching are destroying these sites and many of them could disappear as soon as 2030.
Make sure you see them before it’s too late!

Out of many, we have picked for you the top 10 destinations.
We have limited it to one place per country and only natural placed. Not man made!

This is our list:
#10 : The poles
Global warming is causing the arctic ice to shrink, which endanger the polar bears populations, penguins and other unique spices. Alaska became quite a popular destination these days.
#9: The Alps
Things are quickly changing as a result of a climate change: decreasing snowfalls and receding glaciers. I have spent a week this winter in the Italian Alps and it was magnificent.
#8: The Galapagos Islands
This archipelago of volcanic islands in the pacific ocean, is most known for its great number of diversified spices which were studied by Charles Darwin.
Fishing, tourism and a growing population endangers the Galapagos island biodiversity.
#7: The Maldives
Made of almost 1,200 islands and a became a major tourists attractions.
Global warming causes a constant rising sea level that might cause the entire country to be under water!
#6 Glacier National park, Montana
With its lakes, forests, mountain peaks and unique flora and fauna. It was once covered by over 150 glaciers but now, temperature changes have caused it to dwindle to about 25. Glaciers are estimated by scientists to be gone completely by 2030, harming the wildlife in the process.
#5: The Congo Basin
Over 1.4 square miles of untouched tropical rain forest. It has quickly become an endanger area due to mining, farming and guerrilla warfare.
#4: Madagascar
The world’s 4th largest island. Because of hunting of its’ exotic animals and cutting down of its’ forests, we can soon loose lots its unique href=”” target=”_blank”>flora and fauna. Due to island’s biodiversity, it earned the nickname “Noah’s Arc”.
#3: Venice, Italy
While its canals and bridges are men made, its mother nature that provides the backdrop and scenery. Due to global warming, this city is more susceptible to floods. This means that this magical city is actually sinking and will soon become a water- world.
#2: The Dead Sea
Being the lowest point on earth, bordering Israel and Jordan. Due to the hot weather, the sea is constantly loosing water via evaporation but also loosing water due to the use of its resources by the surrounding population and big business cause water lever to decrease at an alarming rate. If this continues, the dead sea might not exist in half a century or so.
#1: The great Barrier Reef
A combination of over 300 reefs and 900 islands, it’s the world’s largest coral reef system. Located off Australia’s coast, the great barrier reef is another victim of climate changing and pollution. Fishing and tourism is harming it as well and it might not exist by 2030.

Do you agree with our list?
What is the one place you wish to visit before it disappears?

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