What Dietary Alcoholic Drinks Are There ?

December 18, 2014 • Health & WellnessNutritionNutrition Advice and Recipes

Want to loose weight and still enjoy Alcohol ? Switch to dietary alcoholic drinks

You may not know this, but Alcoholic drinks contain lots of calories.
A glass of beer or ale, for example, contains 200- 250 calories, which is equivalent to McDonald’s fries!
A bottle of wine contains 500-550 calories, which is equivalent to 2 Mars bars or a Big Mac!

Drink mixers and Alcopop drinks, such as Bacardi Breezer or Smirnoff ice contains about 220 calories a bottle and are high in sugar.

Therefore, avoid full calories mixes, for example: choose Diet coke over regular code.
While coke contains Coke 40% of sugar intake daily and 140 calories, Diet Coke is sugar free and contains only 1 calorie !

It is also recommended to choose “white sparrows drinks” such as Vodka with water:
Vodka shot contains 50 Cal. Add soda or any light calorie drink to it and you have a light and tastly alcoholic drink.
If you feel like having Jin & Tonic, choose the dietary version: Gin & Slimline tonic contains only 50- 60 calories.
(Regular tonic water has 35 cal. and a dietary version has only one calorie !).

So you can absolutely enjoy Dietary Alcoholic Drinks during your diet.

This video speaks about “preparing your body for your wedding” and “drinks to avoid during your engagement”. But these rules applies to any of you who wish to loose weight and still enjoy alcohol.
Maybe getting married is a good reason to loose weight but it is good to loose these extra pounds regardless any “special” event.

In any case, try to have few “alcohol- free” days, especially if you are struggling to loose weight around your mid-section.

My favorite drink is Champagne.
A glass of Champagne contains only 90 calories for glass. So cheers to that!

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